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What is Spiritualism?


Spiritualism means many things to many people.  It can be a science, a philosophy and a religion. The science is the evidence of life after death, along with the natural laws of cause and effect.  The Philisophy is that you can make it a life-long study to attain spiritual wisdom.  The Religion is to live by the seven principles and believe in them regardless of any evidence.


Whatever Spiritualism means to you, it’s fundamentally a journey of unfolding your own spirituality with the aim of bringing about a transformation of your spiritual qualities, morals and ethics to grow and improve yourself.


We aim to provide help and support (including literature and educational opportunities) for anyone who is interested to study Spiritualism and consider its implications in all matters of the spirit here as well as the hereafter.

[ In the UK the SNU is a registered religious body for Spiritualism. The SNU adopts a set of 7 Principles that form the basis for a study of spirituality through a philosophy, which its members and churches/centres support and promote.  


SNU Churches/Centres offer services which include mediumship to provide evidence of the existence of the Spirit within us all and the continuation of every individual soul beyond physical death, irrespective of nature or belief.]

Taken from 'The History of Spiritualism', Vol. 1, Ch. 4, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle):


Today we are able to celebrate the beginnings of modern Spiritualism. The story that will unfold is initially one of mystery and suspense, as in the beginning, with all things, what is not immediately explainable seems a mystery.


Hydesville was a typical little hamlet in the New York State with a primitive population which was, no doubt, half educated, but was probably, like the rest of those small American centres of life, more detached from prejudice and more receptive of new ideas than any other set of people at that time. Hydesville situated about 20 miles from the rising town of Rochester consisted of a cluster of wooden houses of a very humble type.   Cont'd ... <click here>

The Arthur Findley College, Standstead  Hall.

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